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Angkor is a name conventionally applied to the region of Cambodia serving as the seat of the Khmer empire that flourished from approximately the ninth century to the fifteenth century A.D. (The word "Angkor" itself is derived from the Sanskrit "nagara," meaning "city.") More precisely, the Angkorian period may be defined as the period from 802 A.D., when the Khmer Hindu monarch Jayavarman II declared himself the "universal monarch" and "god-king" of Cambodia, until 1431 A.D., when Thai invaders sacked the Khmer capital, causing its population to migrate south to the area of Phnom Penh. Prasat Angkor Wat is a huge 200,000 square meters, the castle, 100 meters long, 60 meters high and 80 meters wide is viewed as diagrams. Evolves the top of a Khmer castle after castle, located on the base 5 by a high central principle of the universe. The outer wall of each 1.5 km long, is surrounded by a trench on the ocean paradise surrounded him Prasuemru use 600,000 cubic meters of rocks and labor more than 40,000 elephants rope and workers hundreds of thousands people. Hair rock and haul rock. Khao Phanom shrimp from Lane. Which is 50 km away than to build a castle with towers of Angkor Wat 1,800 from more than 10 tons of weight from each take 100 years to create a co-carver 5,000 people and take up to 40 years.
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