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'Miracle' six-day-old baby survives Ebola
It took five weeks of round-the-clock treatment to keep Benedicte alive after her mother died.
Calories in restaurant meals 'excessive'
Only one in 10 meals was classed as healthy which is a cause for concern, say researchers.
Southwest Airlines flight turns back after human heart discovery
A US plane travelling from Seattle to Dallas returns after failing to unload the donated organ.
Teething gels to be taken off supermarket shelves
Parents are advised to massage their child's gums or use a teething ring before trying the gels.
Organ donors to be asked if they are religious
It is hoped the measure can boost the low proportion of donors from black and Asian backgrounds.
Teenage victims 'more likely to self-harm'
Schemes to stop adolescents becoming victims may lower the likelihood of them self-harming, a study says.
Puzzle solving 'won't stop mental decline'
A new study suggests that doing intellectual activities throughout life is best.
Gene study unravels redheads mystery
Researchers at Edinburgh University carry out out the largest genetic study of hair colour to date.
'Weigh-ins help prevent piling on pounds at Christmas'
Researchers said self-weighing and other simple tips were effective at helping to beat the Christmas bulge.
The athletes starving themselves for success
Extreme dieting is leading to cases of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport among men and women.
Zainab Mughal: Toddler with cancer spurs hunt for rare blood
Doctors need up to 10 donors with a rare blood type to help a two-year-old Florida girl with cancer.
NHS told to ditch 'absurd' fax machines
Almost 9,000 fax machines are currently used by the NHS in England - but that is set to change.
Transplanted organs gave patients cancer
Two people developed cancer after organ donations from a woman who had the undetected disease.
Cambodia releases surrogate mothers who agree to keep children
Thirty-two women carrying babies for Chinese clients are released after agreeing to keep the children.
Xanax: Treatment for addiction rises sharply in children
Experts say young people are finding anti-anxiety drugs online with no idea of their strength.
No-deal Brexit: Disruption at Dover 'could last six months'
Fresh government warnings about Channel ports are dismissed as "Project Fear" by Tory rebels.
First baby born after deceased womb transplant
A woman in Brazil gives birth after surgeons implant a womb in her body from a dead donor.
China cracks down on $4.3m worth of illegal and fake beauty products
Police in China have cracked down on a supply network of unlicensed and counterfeit beauty products.
Luca Campanaro: Mother 'in awe' of football death son
The mother of a 14-year-old boy who died while playing football says she is "in awe" of her son.
'My mummy's sick': Boy, 4, calls ambulance for mum using Siri
Beau Austin has now been given a bravery award for his quick thinking.
Halo brace boy from Long Stratton puts on brave face
A mother from Norfolk has said how scared her family was when doctors said her son needed a halo brace
Dying woman's wedding wish at Berkhamsted hospice answered
The terminally ill bride married her fiance after it was arranged for her in just 36 hours.
Breastfeeding and formula feeding mums share stories
From breastfeeding to formula, five mums tell us how they found their way - and shunned mum shaming,
Bionic 3D-printed arm 'gives confidence' to young amputees
Open Bionics has developed the world's first medically-certified 3D-printed artificial arm
Vicky Phelan: The woman who exposed an Irish health scandal
Vicky Phelan exposed a health scandal in Ireland after discovering her smear test for cervical cancer had been misread.
Nichola has created an app to help others with alopecia meet new friends
Nichola, who’s had alopecia for fifteen years, has launched an app to help others with the condition make friends.
Laser pointers should be thrown away, say safety experts
Parents are being warned that their children's eyesight could be at risk.
'I didn't know whitening teeth was illegal'
A woman told she was breaking the law by doing teeth whitening says she is angry she now has a criminal conviction.
Did my children die because I married my cousin?
Ruba and Saqib both carry a gene for I-cell disorder, which means their children have a one-in-four chance of dying in early childhood.
‘I’ve got two months to find a donor’
Last Christmas, mum-of-twins Meena looked the picture of health. Now she urgently needs to find a stem cell match.
The blind woman developing tech for the good of others
Chieko Asakawa, blind since 14, develops groundbreaking technology for the visually impaired.
Why do people experience phantom rectum?
YouTube star Hannah Witton grills two people with stomas on life, love and popping undigested peas after having her colon removed.
Biohacker: Meet the people 'hacking' their bodies
Meet the biohackers - the people who want to make their bodies and brains function better by "hacking" their biology.
Life after burns: ‘I use my scars and pain to help others’
Svetlana Alekseeva was badly burned in a fire - now she's showing off her scars to inspire others like her.
'How I deal with having impostor syndrome'
Readers respond to Michelle Obama's remarks on impostor syndrome and describe how they deal with it.
Surrogate mothers: 'I gave birth but it’s not my baby'
Canada has become a hot destination for parents-to-be looking for 'altruistic surrogates' - women who give birth to babies they are not genetically related to and only charge expenses.
Why the world is becoming more allergic to food
Food allergy rates among children are on the rise, and Western lifestyles may be to blame.