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Haemophilia A trial results 'mind-blowing'
Doctors use gene therapy to correct the defect that causes haemophilia A.
Is size important when it comes to wine glasses?
If your wine was served in a smaller glass, would you drink less of it?
Heat-not-burn tobacco 'is a health risk'
The new tobacco products are safer than cigarettes but not risk-free, say UK experts.
Huntington’s breakthrough may stop disease
Scientists say it could be the biggest breakthrough in neurodegenerative diseases for 50 years.
Bid to scrap Austria May 2018 smoking ban
Parties expected to form a coalition agree that a planned full ban in restaurants should be dropped.
Trafficking of pills used by suicide bombers soars in Sahel
The UN's drugs agency warns smuggling of the opioid tramadol, used by Boko Haram, must be stopped.
Paying mothers incentivises breastfeeding, study finds
More than 10,000 new mums were offered up to £200 in shopping vouchers as encouragement to breastfeed.
Diabetes nightmare: A hypoglycemic attack on air
When Alex Ritson's blood sugar dropped, he was glad his team at the BBC World Service knew what to do.
Lactalis baby milk in global recall over salmonella fears
Britain and China are among the countries affected by the recall of baby milk formula products.
Babies' brains damaged by pollution, Unicef says
Toxic air is putting the brain development of millions of infants under one at risk, Unicef says.
Vaginal mesh ban 'a retrograde step', surgeons say
Many women benefit from the use of vaginal mesh and they should have a choice, surgeons say.
Organ donation: Views sought on new approach
The draft policy has been designed to get families talking about donations and consent.
Haemophilia patient: How gene therapy has changed my life
How pioneering gene therapy has given a haemophilia patient a new lease of life.
Man flu 'a near-death experience'
We took to the streets of London to find out if you think 'man flu' is a real illness.
Shop vouchers could boost breastfeeding
A study suggests that offering shopping vouchers can increase breastfeeding among new mothers.
Hannah Witton: 'Why doesn't anyone wear condoms on TV?'
Sex vlogger Hannah Witton asks why there isn't more safe sex on TV and whether it matters.
Baby Max spends first year in Southampton hospital
Max Olivares has a rare heart and lung condition, which requires a complex transplant operation.
'That's where the babies are suffering'
Are campaigners standing outside abortion centres harassing women?
Vaccination plea after Halesworth boy's meningitis death
The parents of a boy, six, who died from meningitis B have called on all children to be vaccinated.
Top five celeb diets to avoid in 2018, according to dieticians
The British Dietetic Association says: "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is".
Nigerian governor's sister made 'Commissioner of Happiness'
A governor appoints his sister to the new post, which is met with derision on social media.
Booze calculator
How does your drinking measure up to the average from countries around the world?
Wearing a stoma
Natalie Toper tells her story of why she wears a stoma and how it has affected her daily life.
'£1 saved my life and found me love'
Two young stroke survivors meet by chance and fall in love.
A mother's loneliness
When Lauren Thomas, 19, became a mother, she found the experience incredibly lonely.
'People with schizophrenia aren't all dangerous'
Alice, a married 26-year-old mother-of-two, has schizophrenia and is fed up of being portrayed as dangerous because of her condition.
'Like hot knives' inside
Jaimee Rae McCormack says her symptoms prompted diagnoses from hypochondria to food poisoning.
Grow your own
Heart transplantation has become a routine surgical operation, but the future promises equally amazing progress.
Lethal adrenaline rush
Frank has a heart condition that means a sudden rush of adrenaline could kill him.