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Medicinal cannabis use to be reviewed by government
But Home Secretary Sajid Javid says the ban on recreational use of the drug will continue.
Emotional eating 'learned by children not inherited'
Genes are significant in most eating behaviours but not emotional under- or overeating, say experts.
WHO: Gaming addiction 'a mental health condition'
For millions, it is a harmless hobby but for some it can become more than that.
Cannabis oil row: Billy Caldwell discharged from hospital
The 12-year-old is treated in hospital for his severe epilepsy with the oil, which is illegal in the UK.
Teenager's cowpox diagnosis surprises doctors
A 15-year-old boy is diagnosed with the historical disease now usually only found in animals.
AI gives silenced radio journalist his voice back
Neural networks have given political radio journalist Jamie Dupree the ability to speak once more.
Babies most likely to be born at 4am, study finds
More than 70% of births took place outside working hours in England, a study of five million births found.
Gene therapy reverses rat's paralysis
Experts say the findings could be life-changing for millions of patients.
Politicians unite to demand dignity for terminally ill
Politicians describe the current system as "cruel and lacking in dignity and compassion".
Hundreds of breast cancer patients 'denied reconstruction'
One in five NHS bodies is limiting access to corrective surgery, a breast cancer charity report says.
Tax rise need to help pay for £20bn NHS boost, says PM
The prime minister promises any tax increases will be introduced in a "fair and balanced" way.
Bottle feeding is a woman's right, midwives told
Breast is best for a baby's health, says the Royal College, but both choices must be respected.
How does gaming affect your brain?
Hamish loves playing the game Fortnite. Does his brain show signs of addiction?
Conjoined twins' joy at watching news report of birth
Anna and Barbara Rozycki made headlines around the world following their birth in 1970.
The youngster challenging children's perceptions of disability
Paddy and his mum visit schools to help challenge children's perceptions of disability.
Theresa May is asked where NHS cash will come from
Theresa May is asked how the government will fund a £20bn cash increase for the NHS.
The common condition that has no cure
One in five women in the UK are thought to have PCOS, a condition for which there’s no cure.
Nottingham beauty therapists taught to spot skin cancer signs
There are more than 2,400 deaths from melanoma every year, according to Cancer Research UK.
World's first quadruplets born by Caesarean section turn 70
The Goods were the world's first surviving quads to be born by Caesarean section.
One-handed cookbook for stroke patients
Patients often lose the use of one of their arms, making everyday tasks more difficult.
Unfit in middle age: Are you doomed?
How bad is a lack of fitness in middle age and is it condemning you to bad health in the future?
Could your medications be making you depressed?
A US study finds many commonly-used drugs may increase the risk of the condition.
'I'm a hormonal mess but it's worth it'
Crippling endometriosis led Katy to voluntarily go into menopause to give her reproductive system a break.
Kat Von D: The make-up mogul who has reignited 'anti-vax' row
Kat Von D has caused a huge online row, with fans pledging to boycott her make-up line.
'Why my daughter wants a hysterectomy at 15'
A mother and daughter both have a severe form of premenstrual syndrome.
The UK health tax hurting foreign nurses
A Kenyan nurse says a charge on migrant workers is forcing families like his to split up.
Why US suicide rate is on the rise
A government study found the US suicide rate has climbed 30% in more than half of US states since 1999.
Tips for dealing with hay fever symptoms
Aside from shutting yourself indoors for the next two months, what can help reduce those pesky symptoms?
The deaf patients 'left behind' by the NHS
A lack of face-to-face interpreters means deaf patients miss key information in medical appointments.
Why beige carbs are the ones to avoid - Dr Xand van Tulleken
Low-carb diets have been around for a while but did you know the colour of the carbs you eat also matters, says Dr Xand van Tulleken.
The failed abortion survivor whose mum thought she was dead
Melissa Ohden was 14 when she learned her mother tried to abort her.
'I thought if I was fat nobody could see that I was evil'
One woman explains how she used binge-eating and obesity to cope with being abused as a child.
'I woke up and didn't recognise my wife'
Adam and Raquel Gonzales had been together for five years when he woke up with amnesia. Could they fall in love all over again?
Canada politician seeks to decriminalise payment for surrogacy
Paying a surrogate in Canada is currently illegal and comes with harsh penalties and steep fines.
'I took 57 painkillers a day to get high'
Cheap and easy to obtain, the painkiller Tramadol has millions of Egyptians hooked on getting high.