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US-China trade war: Officials to resume talks before G20
Mr Trump says he will have an "extended meeting" with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 next week.
Rising levels of poverty in working families
Poverty among those who are working has risen, but many more people are now in work, research indicates.
Boeing 737 Max: BA-owner IAG signs deal to buy 200 planes
Airline group IAG says it has "every confidence" in Boeing as it signs a letter of intent to buy 200 planes.
Heathrow reveals expansion 'masterplan'
Plans for a third runway, as well as new terminals to be built in phases, go out to public consultation.
Facebook reveals digital currency details
Users will be able make payments with the currency via Facebook's apps and WhatsApp.
KFC's vegan burger: Could it wean you off chicken?
The fried chicken firm is the latest fast food chain to join the vegan bandwagon, with mixed results.
Government workers strike: It's a struggle to make ends meet
Outsourced catering and security staff at the government's business department want the London living wage.
Huawei smartphone sales hit amid US curbs
The founder of the Chinese telecoms giant says overseas sales of its mobile phones have sunk 40%.
Jet Airways lenders plan insolvency proceedings
What was once India's biggest private carrier is saddled with $1bn of debt and has been seeking a buyer.
Sotheby's bought by French billionaire for $3.7bn
The French telecoms billionaire Patrick Drahi is buying the art auction house for $3.7bn.
Carole Ghosn: 'I'm a housewife, not a conniving woman'
The wife of former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn speaks out about his detention and campaign to free him.
South America power cut: Argentina investigates 'unprecedented' outage
Tens of million were left without power in Argentina and neighbouring countries on Sunday.
'Pilots were not to blame for 737 crash'
The boss of Ethiopian Airlines has rejected the idea his pilots were at fault in 737 Max crash.
UK to launch 'groundbreaking' China stock market link
UK-listed companies will be able to sell shares in Shanghai under a new share link, Treasury says.
Brexit uncertainty 'hitting UK business investment'
Companies should be investing in measures aimed at growth, says the British Chambers of Commerce.
India announces retaliatory trade tariffs against the US
The new duties come days before countries' leaders are expected to meet at a G20 summit in Japan.
Australian retail: Why so many fashion brands have collapsed
Local retailers are struggling to stay afloat amid competition from giants like Zara and H&M.
'I just got fed up with the sexism. It was everywhere'
How Dame Stephanie Shirley went from child refugee to computer industry and women's rights pioneer.
Tattoos at work: Are they still an issue?
Employers have become more relaxed about visible tattoos at work, but some firms still don't allow them.
The super-tough drones and robots going where we can't
How do you build unmanned vehicles that can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and terrains?
When Pepsi was swapped for Soviet warships
For some countries bartering has long been a vital part of how they trade overseas.
Is India exaggerating its economic growth?
The country's former chief economic adviser has said India's GDP is being overstated.
The man who helped feed the world
The crops developed by Norman Borlaug have saved millions of people from starvation.
Paris Airshow: Difficult decisions for Boeing lie ahead
At the Paris Airshow, Boeing faces some difficult choices following the fatal 737 Max crashes.
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The factory making shoes out of plastic bottles
This Adidas factory in India makes shoes and clothes out of polyester from recycled plastic bottles.
Inside Heathrow's high-tech baggage system
Heathrow's luggage system handles 180,000 items per day. Tom Burridge takes a look inside.
CEO Secrets: My clubs aren't 'pale, stale and male'
Entrepreneur Ronald Ndoro talks about his vision for private members' clubs in the 21st century.
Carole Ghosn calls for President Trump to back her husband
The wife of the former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn wants pressure put on Japan over his legal battle.
Why is building so slow and expensive?
Forward-thinking builders are looking at the ways technology can help the construction industry.
Goggles 'give back' sight to Maisy so she can read again
GiveVision goggles use magnifiers and augmented reality to improve the vision of the wearer
The Japanese estate agent selling 'haunted' houses
Akira has been selling 'haunted' houses for five years and has dealt with around 500 homes.