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China cuts import tariffs on almost 200 consumer goods
Import tariffs have been cut from 17.3% to 7.7% on a range of goods from whisky to cashmere clothing.
Uber takes driver battle to Supreme Court
The ride-hailing app wants the UK's top court to decide its appeal on drivers' employment status.
Wall Street retail stocks rise on Black Friday
The Dow Jones and S&P 500 advance after Thanksgiving, boosted by retailers including Macy's.
Amazon workers on strike in Italy and Germany
Employees disrupt one of the retailer's busiest shopping days in disputes over pay and conditions.
Glitch in YouTube's tool for tracking obscene comments
A system for flagging indecent comments on children's videos was compromised by a serious glitch.
Mitsubishi Materials shares fall on fake data scandal
Investors react after the Japanese conglomerate's materials subsidiary admits to falsifying data.
Russian Fancy Bear hackers' UK link revealed
When notorious Russian hackers hired servers from a UK-registered company, they left a trove of clues.
The firm where new mums - and dads - get fully funded parental leave
Aviva, the UK's biggest insurer, says its new policy is one of the most family friendly in the UK.
Facebook, Google and start-ups oppose net neutrality U-turn
Opponents say the proposed changes could threaten the US's start-up ecosystem.
Facebook to expose Russian fake news pages
It will release a tool to let people see if they had followed now-deleted Russia-linked pages.
Foxconn stops interns' illegal overtime at iPhone X factory
Apple's main iPhone supplier has stopped illegal overtime by school age interns in a factory in China
Zimbabwe needs immediate economic reforms, warns IMF
Government spending and foreign debt are too high and Zimbabwe needs structural reform, the IMF says.
Singapore to use driverless buses 'from 2022'
The government plans to let commuters hail on-demand shuttles using their mobile phones.
Budget 2017: Stagnant earnings forecast 'astonishing'
The UK is in danger of losing almost 20 years of earnings growth, warns an independent economic think tank.
British Gas owner Centrica warns about poor trading
Shares in the owner of British Gas sink 17% after a warning about profits and loss of customers.
Budget 2017: Philip Hammond hopes to prove grim forecasts wrong
The chancellor defends his record as a long squeeze on people's living standards is predicted.
Tech giants targeted in UK budget
Large technology companies will have to pay tax on royalties made on sales in the UK.
Five ways to revive Zimbabwe’s economy
The measures needed to get the country's finances off life-support and into recovery mode.
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Zimbabwe still faces an economic struggle
In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe may have gone but the country's battered economy still needs to be turned around.
Why is Tanzania importing coconuts?
Tanzania is Africa's biggest grower of coconuts but recently production has declined and it is now importing them.
New tax on Dubai gold
Could a new tax dent Dubai’s gold trade?
Can digital financial assistant Cleo take on the banks?
Cleo AI operates a digital assistant that connects to users’ bank accounts and helps them manage their money.
How an emergency services app is helping to save lives
A start-up is trying to simplify Nairobi's chaotic emergency services system.
Brazil's women-only ride sharing apps
In Brazil, ride sharing apps aimed exclusively at women - with women drivers - are taking off fast.
'Want a cup of coffee? That'll be $60'
One cafe is charging customers over $60 for a cup of rare coffee. But who pays that just for coffee?
Burberry - from chav to chic
As Christopher Bailey leaves Burberry, we look at the legacy he's left for the fashion brand.
Tesla finishes installing mega-battery in Australia
The battery array can store enough energy to power 30,000 homes for about an hour.
Nothing wasted
A growing number of businesses are finding creative uses for surplus food - but will the trend ever go mainstream?
Help is on its way!
Not every country has a single number to call in an emergency. One start-up is trying to change that.
Zebras not unicorns
A new movement calls for tech investors to back more start-ups led by women and people from ethnic minorities.
Valuable commodity
How a handful of countries on three different continents drive the international trade in playing talent.
Cod story
How an Icelandic firm called Marel became one of the world's largest manufacturers of food processing machinery.
Ethics builders
A degree course teaches New York property developers to think of more than money.
Can't programme?
After creating her own app without knowing how to programme, Tara Reed is teaching others to do the same.
Power ranger
As the world moves towards low-carbon electric cars, how are we going to power them all?
Roof revolution
The modular recycled roofing system that’s transforming slum housing.
The cold chain
The "cold chain" profoundly changed the food we eat and the way we shop.
Young bucks
How 27-year-old Irishman John Collison created IT firm Stripe with his brother, and became personally worth $1.1bn.
Cleaning up
Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier set up their vegan skincare firm to fund their art, now it makes nearly $1m a year.
Cover boy
A growing number of young men are using cosmetics and big brands are embracing the trend.
In the driving seat
Which is the best insurance technology for young drivers: Black box or dash cam?
Chill seekers
A simple innovation is helping to cut supermarkets' refrigeration costs by 15%.
Special effects
Ryan Johnson's low-cost movie props are proving popular among a new generation of filmmakers