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  1. Trump, at Rally in Orlando, Kicks Off His 2020 Re-election Bid  The New York Times
  2. Trump launches campaign machine with massive war chest, despite polling lag  Fox News
  3. Donald Trump's secret 2020 weapon  CNN
  4. No Trump, please! Orlando Sentinel gets a jump on 2020 endorsements.  The Washington Post
  5. The Wave That Could Carry Trump to Re-election  The New York Times
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  1. Patrick Shanahan, acting defense secretary, withdraws from consideration after reports of violent domestic incidents  CBS News
  2. Shanahan drops out of contention to lead Pentagon, as Trump taps Army secretary  Fox News
  3. Trump: Patrick Shanahan out of confirmation process to be defense secretary  CNN
  4. Another yes-man bites the dust  The Washington Post
  5. Shanahan's Out, a Reminder That Pentagon Is Not Trump's Priority  Bloomberg
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  1. Donald Trump Won’t Apologize To Central Park Five: “They’ve Admitted Their Guilt”  Deadline
  2. Donald Trump insists people are on 'both sides' of exonerated Central Park 5 case  AOL
  3. Trump still refuses to admit he was wrong about the Central Park 5
  4. Trump refuses to apologize to Central Park Five: 'They admitted their guilt' | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Trump says Central Park Five 'admitted guilt,' won't apologize  New York Post
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  1. Trump threatens war with Iran if it tries to get nukes  New York Post
  2. US sending additional troops to Middle East amid Iran tensions  CNN
  3. Trump Has Brilliantly Cornered Himself Where He’s Now Demanding Iran Abide by a Deal He Already Reneged On  Slate
  4. Trump has a credibility problem with Iran. Shanahan’s departure makes it worse.  The Washington Post
  5. James Carafano: Iran and Trump -- Here's what's really going on  Fox News
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  1. Why to expect a US-China trade deal by Labor Day  Washington Examiner
  2. Tariffs hurt the economy, but China must be held accountable, Union Pacific CEO says  CNBC
  3. China Is Cutting Tariffs—For Everyone Else  The Atlantic
  4. Trump says he and China's Xi spoke, will have 'extended meeting next week' at G-20  CNBC
  5. Tariffs remain an integral part of US negotiators' toolkit | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. Newtown parent wins in court over author who claims the massacre never happened  Washington Examiner
  2. Newtown Parents Make Gains In Court Cases Against Sandy Hook Deniers  NPR
  3. Alex Jones hit with sanctions by judge in Sandy Hook lawsuit as case gets a proposed trial date  CNN
  4. Dad of Sandy Hook victim wins suit against conspiracy theorists  New York Post
  5. Newtown parents score a win in growing fight against hoaxers  Washington Post
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  1. Mitch McConnell says he opposes paying reparations for slavery  CNN
  2. McConnell: Reparations aren't 'a good idea' | TheHill  The Hill
  3. What Americans Need to Know About Reparations Ahead of This Week’s Big Hearing  Slate
  4. It's Juneteenth: Let's talk about reparations for slavery  CNN
  5. McConnell on slavery reparations: Not 'a good idea'  NBC News
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  1. Phoenix Family in Viral Video Says Officer Who Threatened to Kill Must Be Fired  Phoenix New Times
  2. Phoenix family who had guns pulled on them wants police officers fired, not a ‘half-apology’  The Washington Post
  3. Jay-Z Offers Legal Support To Family Involved In Shock 'Disturbing' Viral Police Video  Capital XTRA
  4. City of Phoenix organizes community meeting after videotaped police encounter goes viral  FOX 10 News Phoenix
  5. Eyewitness recounts day of Phoenix police shoplifting incident  ABC15 Arizona
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  1. Man charged slaying of dad who was reputed New York mobster  Fox News
  2. Son charged in murder of reputed crime associate father in McDonald's parking lot  News 12 Bronx
  3. Son of alleged mobster charged in McDonald's drive-thru hit on father  NBC News
  4. Crime family affair: Man arrested in cinematic plot to kill his mobbed-up father and brother in a business dis  New York Daily News
  5. Son Of Alleged Mob Family Arrested For Murder-For-Hire Plot Against His Own Father And Brother, Officials Say  CBS New York
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  1. Reports: Manafort not headed to Rikers Island after DOJ intervened  USA TODAY
  2. Paul Manafort in solitary confinement in Manhattan prison  New York Post
  3. William Barr’s Justice Department Is Now Openly Running Legal Interference for Paul Manafort  Slate
  4. Paul Manafort Seemed Headed to Rikers. Then the Justice Department Intervened.  The New York Times
  5. Trump’s Justice Department says it helped Manafort stay off Rikers Island out of respect for his ‘unique’ heal  New York Daily News
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  1. Hong Kong leader apologizes but won’t pull extradition bill
  2. Hong Kong leader offers 'most sincere apology' as bill may expire
  3. Hong Kong protests: Carrie Lam sorry for extradition controversy  BBC News
  4. Give the millions of Hong Kong protesters a Nobel Peace Prize  The Washington Post
  5. Beijing Is Treading Lightly in Hong Kong, for Now  The New York Times
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  1. Rory Stewart rising quickly in race to take on Boris Johnson for UK prime minister  Washington Examiner
  2. Tory leadership race: Five key moments from debate  BBC News
  3. Tory leadership debate highlights as Johnson makes first appearance  Guardian News
  4. Dominic Raab out of Tory leadership race as five proceed  BBC News
  5. TV debate brought home a terrifying truth: one of these men will be PM  The Guardian
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For Saudi Military Vehicle Deal, Canada Weighs Jobs And Human Rights  NPR

An agreement for Canada to sell light armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia continues to stir debate.

  1. Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission  CNN
  2. Boaty McBoatface, Internet-Adored Sub, Makes Deep-Sea Discovery On Climate Change  NPR
  3. Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on maiden mission  NBC News
  4. Boaty McBoatface makes key climate change discovery in maiden mission | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Boaty McBoatface makes major climate change discovery  New York Post
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  1. Facebook gets unexpected backlash over cryptocurrency from Libras  CNN
  2. Libra, Facebook's new cryptocurrency, explained  Washington Post
  3. Facebook Announces Project Libra, Its Wildly Ambitious Plan to Bring Cryptocurrency to the Masses  Fortune
  4. Facebook Will Make the Money Now  Bloomberg
  5. Facebook’s Libra Wanders Into the Bitcoin Bear Trap  Bloomberg
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  1. Tesla loses another exec: HR vice president and head of diversity Felicia Mayo  CNBC
  2. TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck  Simone Giertz
  3. YouTuber Simone Giertz transformed a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck  The Verge
  4. Tesla is planning a series of surprises for the second half of the year  Electrek
  5. Queen of Crappy Robots Builds World’s First Tesla Pickup Truck  Nerdist
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  1. On eve of critical Fed meeting, Trump suggests he might remove Chair Jerome H. Powell  The Washington Post
  2. All eyes on US Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates  CNA
  3. Trump on demoting Fed Chair Jerome Powell, day before rate decision: 'Let's see what he does'  CNBC
  4. How to make money from the Fed’s meeting this week  MarketWatch
  5. One group of stocks has been a surefire winner when the Fed cuts interest rates  CNBC
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  1. Taco Bell finally giving away free tacos in honor of 'stolen' game at NBA Finals  Fox News
  2. Get a Free Doritos Locos Taco Today From Taco Bell  Lifehacker
  3. Free Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell today  CBS 17
  4. Everybody gets a free Taco Bell taco today from 2 to 6 p.m.  KVOA Tucson News
  5. Free Tacos At Taco Bell  CBS Miami
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  1. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 reportedly launching on August 7th  The Verge
  2. Sony Xperia 1 vs Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Test Comparison  SuperSaf
  3. Samsung eyes Galaxy Note 10 launch on Aug. 7 in New York  CNET
  4. Samsung Galaxy S10e review: the cheaper one  The Guardian
  5. Samsung Galaxy M40 review: Get the Galaxy A50 instead  SamMobile
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  1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date Announced  IGN
  2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Launch Trailer  Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  3. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will launch on Friday  The Verge
  4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite releases later this week
  5. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will launch in the U.S. and UK this June 21  iMore
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  1. Streaming gaming will change the video game industry. Here's why  CNN
  2. Update: Google Stadia Will Let You Change Your Username For Free Once  IGN
  3. Google Stadia vs Apple Arcade vs Microsoft Project xCloud: Your phone is your next gaming console  Phone Arena
  4. The PS5, Xbox 2 and Google Stadia have a key rival no one’s talking about: Opinion  TrustedReviews
  5. E3 2019: Here's when we'll get a Netflix for video games  Yahoo Finance
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  1. Google now lets you flag deceptive sites with a new Chrome extension  TechCrunch
  2. Block Sites From Google Results With uBlacklist  Lifehacker
  3. Google launches Chrome extension for flagging bad URLs to the Safe Browsing team  ZDNet
  4. Chrome will keep you safe from deceptive websites and let you report them  Android Police
  5. Google Chrome blocks malicious web address tricks, lets you flag suspicious sites  CNET
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  1. 'AGT': A choir has never won. Could Detroit Youth Choir be the first?  USA TODAY
  2. Golden Buzzer! Detroit Youth Choir Can't Hold Back The Tears - America's Got Talent 2019  America's Got Talent
  3. ‘America’s Got Talent’ episode 4 recap: Were there any Golden Buzzer acts on June 18? [LIVE BLOG]  Gold Derby
  4. Who’s The Best ‘AGT’ Host? Terry Crews, Tyra or Nick?  Talent Recap
  5. AGT Host Terry Crews Gives Golden Buzzer to 'Groundbreaking' Detroit Youth Choir
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  1. 'Toy Story 4' Review: The Gang Is Back, Along With A Scene-Stealing Spork, For The Best One Yet  Deadline
  2. ‘Toy Story 4’ Will Cure Summer Sequelitis With $260M Global Infinity-And-Beyond Bow  Deadline
  3. 'Toy Story 4' cast shares their own childhood toy stories  CNN
  4. Hear Me Out, Toy Story 2 Is The Best Toy Story Movie  Cinema Blend
  5. 'Toy Story 4' breaks with a huge Pixar tradition  Deseret News
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  1. Anderson Cooper Pays Final Respects to Mother Gloria Vanderbilt  TMZ
  2. Why Gloria Vanderbilt's son Anderson Cooper likely won't inherit her massive fortune  Fox Business
  3. Why Gloria Vanderbilt didn't leave an inheritance for her son Anderson Cooper  AOL
  4. Anderson Cooper shares photo from mom Gloria Vanderbilt's final days: 'There is only love'  USA TODAY
  5. Gloria Vanderbilt: denim designer dead at 95
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  1. Kate Middleton dons blue dress for Royal Ascot  CNN
  2. Kate Middleton Goes For Flower Power At Royal Ascot – See All The Chic Looks! | Access  Access
  3. Kate Middleton dazzles in sheer blue dress at Royal Ascot  Fox News
  4. Kate Middleton wears stunning Elie Saab dress to first day of Royal Ascot  Evening Standard
  5. Kate Middleton Wore a Gorgeous Blue Elie Saab Dress at Day 1 of the Royal Ascot  Yahoo Lifestyle
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  1. Chris Paul trade rumors: Rockets GM says star guard has not demanded trade despite report of 'unsalvageable' situation  CBS Sports
  2. James Harden, Chris Paul relationship deemed 'unsalvageable'  Yahoo Sports
  3. NBA rumors: Rockets' Chris Paul demanding trade? Here are 9 deals that make some sense | Lakers? Knicks? Heat? Timberwolves?
  4. The Houston Rockets might be changing up their isolation offense  Space City Scoop
  5. Don't blame James Harden for Chris Paul's bad season – Ryan Hollins | First Take  ESPN
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  1. Zion and Lonzo in the open floor really excites the Pelicans - Woj | 2019 NBA Mock Draft Special  ESPN
  2. NBA Draft rumors: Celtics want to trade up to No. 4  Sporting News
  3. Meet the mystery man of the NBA draft  Yahoo Sports
  4. Darius Garland's NBA dream is at hand, and Bryce Drew will be at his side  The Tennessean
  5. Drew Sees Big Future For Garland in NBA  NewsChannel 5
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  1. Sources -- Horford to seek deal outside of Boston  ESPN
  2. Mike Valenti Rants On Kyrie Irving: 'A Deranged Human Being. He's Insane'  97.1 The Ticket
  3. Kyrie Irving Rumors: Star Has Indicated to Celtics He's Likely Signing with Nets  Bleacher Report
  4. Building the 2019-20 Boston Celtics: Bringing Terry Rozier back on a win-win deal for everyone | John Karalis
  5. Kyrie Irving has 'ghosted' the Celtics ahead of free agency, according to a report | The Jump  ESPN
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  1. Lakers Trade Rumors: Moe Wagner, Others on the Block to Add Max Salary Cap Space  Bleacher Report
  2. Report: Lakers trying to open max salary slot with Anthony Davis trade  Yahoo Sports
  3. Gentille: Of course the Penguins should trade away their first-round pick  The Athletic
  4. Lakers remain a thriving financial ‘gold mine’ in competitive L.A. sports market  Los Angeles Times
  5. Does Anthony Davis Make LeBron And The Lakers Title Contenders?  BBALLBREAKDOWN
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  1. This rock-eating 'worm' could change the course of rivers  Science Magazine
  2. This Creature Eats Stone. Sand Comes Out the Other End.  The New York Times
  3. Incredible Rock-Eating Shipworm Is First Of Its Kind - D-brief  Discover Magazine
  4. Snippet: Shipworms that eat rocks  Science Magazine
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  1. NASA reveals details of plans to put astronauts on the Moon by 2024  One America News Network
  2. Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins reveals unseen photo of Moon landing crew he 'found at the bottom of a ...  Fox News
  3. Fifty years later, watch 'Apollo 11,' and marvel  Washington Examiner
  4. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Turns 10, with Lessons for Moon Missions
  5. Marking a milestone: Where to celebrate this summer’s 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing  Chicago Tribune
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NASA says there’s ‘no doubt’ SpaceX Crew Dragon explosion has pushed back crewed flights  BGR

NASA desperately needs a way to get its astronauts into space without paying for pricey seats aboard Russian rockets, but the agency's two best hopes ...

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  1. NASA releases new image of an impact crater on the surface of Mars  CNN
  2. Astronomers Have Spotted a New Crater on Mars That's Like Nothing They've Ever Seen  ScienceAlert
  3. NASA discovers Star Trek logo on Mars, William Shatner immediately trolls Star Wars fans  Winter is Coming
  4. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Finds Fresh Crater on Red Planet  ExtremeTech
  5. Mars Attacked! Asteroid Collision Leaves Amazing Impact Crater  Inverse
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Valsartan: Another cancer-causing chemical found in widely used blood-pressure medication  CBS News

Online pharmacy Valisure has discovered another cancer-causing chemical in blood-pressure pills made by companies including Novartis, according to a ...

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  1. Is 'flesh-eating' bacteria heading to a beach near you?  Fox News
  2. Rise in flesh-eating bacteria linked to climate change  CBS News
  3. Study: Flesh-eating bacteria on the rise in Delaware Bay, possible effect of climate change  WPVI-TV
  4. 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria May Be Spreading to Beaches Once Thought Off-Limits. Here's Why.  Live Science
  5. Is climate change boosting flesh-eating bacteria incidents?  WHEC
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  1. U.S. Youth Suicide Rate Reaches 20-Year High  U.S. News & World Report
  2. Suicide among teens and young adults reaches highest level since 2000  PBS NewsHour
  3. Suicide rates among America's young people continue to soar, study shows  CNN
  4. Suicide rates among young people reach their highest level since 2000  NBC News
  5. Suicide Rates Among Young Americans Have Hit Their Highest Levels in Almost 20 Years  Newsweek
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Obesity rates falling among U.S. preschoolers, study finds  NBC News

Preschoolers on government food aid have grown a little less pudgy, a U.S. study found, offering fresh evidence that previous signs of declining obesity rates ...

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