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Israel elections: Netanyahu challengers Gantz and Lapid join forces
Two of Israel's strongest candidates announce an alliance in a bid to beat the PM in April polls.
Hoda Muthana: Trump says IS woman barred from US return
Hoda Muthana, who was born in the US, regrets her actions and wants to return, her lawyer says.
The dilemma over IS fighters' children
The children, whose parents were Islamic State members, are at the centre of an international battle.
Islamic State group: Civilians evacuated from last Syria enclave
The last of the group's militants are said to be "entrenched inside" as hundreds of civilians leave.
Egypt executes nine over 2015 killing of public prosecutor
The men were convicted of involvement in a car bombing that killed public prosecutor Hisham Barakat.
UK rehomes some 100 Syria White Helmets and family members
The volunteer group has saved more than 115,000 lives in Syria's war zones, the UK government says.
From slums to stardom: How young star's life has changed
From Beirut's slums to Norway, Oscar-nominated film Capernaum changed its star's life dramatically.
Paras and Royal Anglians in Afghanistan as Nato bodyguards
Hundreds of East Anglian troops are back in the country, five years after UK forces pulled out.
The Syrians returning home after years of fleeing war
Meet some of the Syrians returning home and trading, at the re-opened crossing between Jordan and Syria.
Our sign language romance
Habib and Carole, a deaf couple from Lebanon, say they hope their children will be born hearing so they don't have to face the challenges they did.
Egypt: The life of a 17-year-old in Luxor
We spend a day with Tayeb as he shows us what it's like being 17 in Luxor.
Iran rally marks 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution
Tens of thousands of people brave the snow in Tehran to mark the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Israel's Beresheet robot sets its sights on the Moon
The Beresheet robot is a privately funded venture that aims to land and hop across the lunar surface.
Shamima Begum: What is her legal status?
The UK has stripped the IS bride of her British citizenship - so what happens now?
How many IS foreign fighters are left in Iraq and Syria?
More than 40,000 jihadists from 110 countries are thought to have travelled to Syria and Iraq.
Netanyahu and the allegations of corruption
Middle East Correspondent Tom Bateman explains the allegations of corruption against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claims he himself denies.
Islamic State group: Could it rebound from caliphate defeat?
Although the IS caliphate may be over, tensions in Iraq and Syria mean the ideology remains alive.
'Crossing the Channel by boat is risky - we came by lorry'
Azis and his family were thinking of crossing the Channel in a small boat, but heard horror stories from fellow migrants.
Pakistan rolls out red carpet for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed
Imran Khan needs Saudi money to stave off an economic bail-out - but this is not a one-way relationship.
Iran revolution: 'I wore a hijab and head-banged to Nirvana'
Three generations of women in Iran reflect on how the 1979 Islamic Revolution changed their lives.
The defected diplomat turned Barnsley budgie vlogger
Khaled al-Ayoubi was once Syrias's most senior UK diplomat, but now breeds birds in Barnsley.
Iranian women - before and after the Islamic Revolution
Images show Iranian women pictured before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Karim Hossam: The rise and fall of a match-fixing tennis prodigy
How one of the world's best young tennis players became one of its most corrupt.
Rosamund Pike on playing the 'fierce' war reporter killed by the Syrian regime
Rosamund Pike's film about Marie Colvin comes after a court blamed the Syrian regime for her death.