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Trump defends Saudi Arabia ties despite Khashoggi murder
The president points to Saudi investments in the US amid anger over writer Jamal Khashoggi's murder.
Saudi Arabia 'tortured female activists', charities say
Human rights groups say the state electrocuted, flogged and sexually harassed detained activists.
Airbnb: Israeli uproar as firm bars West Bank settlements
Israel says the firm's move to end lettings in settlements in the occupied West Bank is "shameful".
Yemen war: Fighting resumes at key port of Hudaydah
Fierce clashes are reported despite the Saudi-led coalition and rebels agreeing to halt offensives.
Saddam Hussein memorial plaque appears on London bench
"In loving memory of Saddam Hussein" read the bench plaque in Wanstead, London, but who was behind it?
Israel's Netanyahu survives early poll threat
The government had been on the verge of collapse amid a crisis after the defence minister resigned.
Yemen: Where children rummage through rubbish for food
After nearly four years of war in Yemen, Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led military coalition appeared to agree to pause fighting. But it wasn’t to last.
The West Bank homes being dropped from Airbnb
Airbnb's decision to stop listing the properties is welcomed by Palestinians but condemned by Israel.
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Imams divided over video game fatwa
Some imams in Kurdistan have officially banned a hugely popular video game – but others are hitting back.
Yemen crisis: The battle for Hudaydah
Yemen's civil war is approaching a pivotal moment, but the UN warns that the humanitarian crisis could be about to get much worse.
In Egypt, fake news becomes weapon of choice to crush dissent
In Egypt, the charge of fake news is used to impose censorship and crush dissent.
Deadly flash floods hit Jordan's iconic city of Petra
Video shows the moment deadly flash floods swamped the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.
World Falconry Day: Eagle and falcons soar over desert show
Egyptian falconers meet to celebrate World Falconry Day and highlight an ancient sport.
Viewpoint: How US can reach new Iran deal - after Trump
Iran may be open to a new deal, but not with this president, argues US foreign policy expert PJ Crowley.
Israel-Arab ties warm up after long deep freeze
An Israeli charm offensive is making once unlikely friends in the Arab world, worrying Palestinians.
Can Iran survive sanctions?
The US is set to impose a new round of sanctions on Iran's oil and banking sectors.
Khashoggi murder: Is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed finished?
The BBC's Frank Gardner looks at whether the Saudi prince can withstand the growing political storm.
How Iran's Ahmadinejad found meaning in rap
How Iran's controversial ex-president Ahmadinejad reinvented himself as an unlikely Twitter star.