BBC News - Middle East
Iraq's Kurdistan region holds independence vote
Despite objections from Iraq and other nations, Kurds are pressing ahead with their key referendum.
Iran tests missile despite Trump pressure
The launch of the Khoramshahr missile, with a range of 2,000km, was shown on state TV.
Two jailed for life over 2015 Egyptian stadium deaths
Two people are jailed for life and 12 others imprisoned over violence that led to at least 19 people dying at a football stadium in February 2015.
Saudi textbook features image of Yoda with King Faisal
A picture of the Star Wars character sitting beside the late King Faisal is mistakenly included.
Syrian activist and daughter 'murdered' in Turkey
The two women were friends of US aid worker Kayla Mueller, who died in IS captivity in Syria.
Migrant crisis: Dozens feared drowned off Libya coast
At least 50 people are feared drowned after a dinghy reportedly ran out of fuel off the Libyan coast.
The Syrian girl who sings through war
Sana has a beautiful voice, and it helps her forget about the war raging where she lives in Aleppo.
Syria war 'ignored by United Nations'
A cinematographer for an Oscar-winning film about Syria says the topic was overlooked at the UN.
Kexit? Iraqi Kurdistan referendum explained
It's highly controversial, but these Kurds are adamant they will vote for their own state on Monday.
Amal Clooney and IS victim demand justice for Yazidis
The UN has passed a resolution to investigate war crimes committed by IS against the Yazidi people.
Fear for the future
Despite the gradual defeat of IS, Iraq's minorities fear for their future, says Yolande Knell.
Farglish no more
The new Apple iOS has a Persian keyboard. BBC Persian's Sam Farzaneh discusses why it is an important feature.
Life goes on
During six years of war, these Girl Guides have kept learning to camp, sing songs and change tyres.
State in the making?
A independence vote is coming, but it will not lead to a state - yet, says Michael Knights.
Swords and robes
Trump receives 83 items from Saudi Arabia ranging from swords to slippers. Is this common?
Escape from IS
Artur explains what happened after his wife took their children to IS-held territory in Syria.