BBC News - Middle East
Egypt attack: President Sisi pledges forceful response
More than 200 people were killed in a gun and bomb attack on a mosque in the Sinai peninsula.
US to stop arming anti-IS Syrian Kurdish YPG militia - Turkey
The US confirms making "adjustments" to support for Syrian groups, but does not name the YPG militia.
Iran hits back over Saudi's prince's 'Hitler' comment
A war of words intensifies after the Saudi crown prince compares Iran's supreme leader to Hitler.
'Indiana Joan': 95-year-old accused of looting Middle East tombs
The Australian woman is facing an investigation over her collection of Middle Eastern artefacts.
Yemen war: Aid agencies await Saudi clearance to reach rebel ports
There is no sign of aid flights or shipments reaching rebel areas despite a Saudi blockade easing.
IS conflict: Iraq begins final push to clear western desert
The prime minister will announce "the final defeat" of the jihadist group once the operation ends.
Inside Saudi Arabia's gilded prison at Riyadh Ritz-Carlton
The BBC's Lyse Doucet is the first journalist to visit the hotel where dozens of prominent Saudis are being held.
Iraq's bikers on the frontlines
These bikers travel across Iraq, flying the flag for tolerance and love of bikes.
Tattoos, piercing and dreadlocks on Egypt's streets
What's the new hair craze? Young Egyptians know it all.
What happened to Lebanese PM Saad Hariri?
As Saad Hariri "suspends" his shock resignation, we examine what's going on.
Reality Check
In the aftermath of the bomb attack on a Sinai mosque, fake photos have been shared on social media.
Shifting sands
Why there's a covert Saudi-Israeli "alliance" after decades of hostility.
What to wear
Russian sports host gets advice on what she should wear when she presents the World Cup final draw.
New tax on Dubai gold
Could a new tax dent Dubai’s gold trade?
Men only
Singers Nelly and Cheb Khaled have announced a concert for men only in Saudi Arabia prompting criticism from women.
War and waste
Yemen is on the brink of famine - so how come when markets there are full of fresh food?
Bitter rivalry
The two Middle Eastern powers have long been rivals but recently it all got a lot more tense.
'For world peace'
When Iraq and Israel beauty contestants posted a photo together on social media, reaction was very mixed.
Long walk to safety
The Yemen crisis has displaced 1,000 people to a camp where people say: 'We have nothing.'