BBC News - Europe
Germany coalition: Merkel and SPD to meet in new bid for deal
Germany's chancellor is to meet her ex-coalition partners, who have refused to renew their alliance.
Fresh Poland protests over judiciary reform
Thousands of people rally across Poland over proposed bills that they say threaten the rule of law.
Tiger shot in Paris after roaming streets
A circus tiger escaped and briefly roamed an area near the Eiffel Tower in the French capital.
Five Ukraine troops die in heavy fighting with Luhansk rebels
There has been a serious escalation of fighting in rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine.
US to stop arming anti-IS Syrian Kurdish YPG militia - Turkey
The US confirms making "adjustments" to support for Syrian groups, but does not name the YPG militia.
Oxford Circus Tube station: Pair sought over platform altercation
Sixteen people are hurt amid panicked scenes at Oxford Circus, as police probe a fight on a platform.
Brexit: May says positive vibe but EU warns of 'huge challenge'
But the EU says it will still be a "huge challenge" to move onto the next phase of talks next month.
Iceland women politicians go public on harassment
A group of women politicians in Iceland has gone public with harassment accounts.
Amazon workers on strike in Italy and Germany
Employees disrupt one of the retailer's busiest shopping days in disputes over pay and conditions.
Irish deputy PM no confidence motion could force election
The Irish government could collapse over a no confidence motion tabled against the deputy PM.
World's only particle accelerator for art is back at the Louvre
The world's only particle accelerator used in the analysis of art has undergone major refurbishment.
Finland rolls out bread made from crushed crickets
Insect-eating is common in many parts of the world. In the West, it is perceived as a niche diet.
World Hacks: How to deradicalise a Neo-Nazi
A former Nazi leader in Germany has developed a system to fight extremism.
Russian village complex where England team may stay
Russia hosts the 2018 Football World Cup; we've had exclusive access to England's preferred training base.
Nudist restaurant opens in Paris
Food for thought when "a clothed naturist is only thinking one thing: How quickly can I strip off?"
Ratko Mladic removed from war crime court after outburst
The former Bosnian Serb commander has been found guilty of genocide in the 1990s Bosnian war.
Poisoned by Polonium 210: The Litvinenko murder
Alexander Litvinenko died in a London hospital after he was poisoned with Polonium 210.
Sarajevo success
The story of a Serb who has opened a culture centre in Sarajevo.
Fancy Bear threat
When notorious Russian hackers hired servers from a UK-registered company, they left a trove of clues.
Grenfell disaster
One man foresaw, very clearly, the risk of a devastating fire in Grenfell Tower. He wrote about it in a blog, but no journalists were there to follow it up.
Churchill challenge
The actor discusses his new film Darkest Hour (and his own chances of Oscars success).
Jumbled genders
The government steps into a growing row over gender equality in the French language.
Boxing clever
Government asks Finns for a new name for its celebrated gift for new parents.
'War is still going on'
Victims of Ratko Mladic say his life sentence will not change anything in divided Bosnia.
Norway's state fund 'needs to drop oil and gas investments'
The country's central bank says the move will protect it from "a permanent drop in oil and gas prices".
Siemens to cut 6,900 jobs worldwide
The German industrial group's job cuts will come mostly in its fossil fuels division.