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Trump attacks Michael Cohen over 'Playboy model payment tape'
It comes amid reports that he was secretly recorded discussing payments to an ex-Playboy model.
Nine US 'duck boat' victims from the same family - governor
Seventeen people were killed when an amphibious "duck boat" carrying tourists sank in stormy weather.
Republican candidate to teen: 'You're young and naive'
A Pennsylvania candidate for governor calls an 18-year-old "naive" for asking about climate change.
James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy director fired over offensive tweets
James Gunn will not film the franchise's third instalment after offensive old tweets resurfaced.
Ohio death row inmate spared after childhood abuse revelations
New evidence detailed how Raymond Tibbetts had been burned, thrown down stairs and beaten as a child.
Meet the rat killers of New York City
New York is the second most rat-infested US city and one group has taken matters into its own hands.
Parkland school shooting: Father of two survivors killed in Florida store
Ayub Ali was killed in his convenience store in North Lauderdale, Florida, after being robbed.
Trump Putin: Incredulity as Russian leader is invited to visit US
"That's going to be special!" a top US intelligence official says, laughing at the announcement.
14% of migrant children reunited in US
The government still needs to reunite hundreds more by next week's deadline mandated by the courts.
Radiohead demand answers over Toronto stage death
The band return to Toronto for the first time since the stage collapse that killed a member of their crew.
Hackers 'targeting US mid-term elections'
According to Microsoft, at least three Congressional candidates have been targeted by hackers.
Trump 'ready' to tax all Chinese imports
The US president says he is prepared to slap tariffs on all $500bn of imports from China.
Seventeen people injured as tornadoes rip through Iowa
The trail of destruction left behind overturned vehicles, downed power lines and damaged buildings.
Vietnam to deport US student Will Nguyen for 'public disorder'
William Nguyen has been found guilty of 'causing public disorder' during protests last month.
US faces retaliation if car tariffs go ahead
The US is considering tariffs on foreign cars but the EU, Mexico and Canada say they would retaliate.
XXXTentacion death: Four men charged with rapper's murder
They have been named as Dedrick Williams, 22, Michael Boatwright, 22, Trayvon Newsome, 20, and Robert Allen, 22.
The cost of Trump's Endangered Species Act proposal
The Trump administration wants to weaken the landmark protection law. What species are under threat?
Obituary: Adrian Cronauer - the real Good Morning, Vietnam DJ
Adrian Cronauer was a US air force sergeant and radio presenter, depicted (loosely) by the late Robin Williams.
Movie review: Social tensions laid bare in Blindspotting
Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs explain how the film ties in with political tensions in the USA.
US mid-term elections: Would this 17-year-old get your vote?
You can currently run for office at any age in Kansas, under laws which are part of the state constitution.
Man scalped by grizzly bear says he's 'lucky' to be alive
A Canadian park ranger says he was attacked by a bear in his backyard while trying to take a picture.
Is it ever acceptable for social workers to ignore their clients?
An Instagram post from Humans of New York has led social workers to explain why they would ignore clients.
What costs billions and never ends?
Around the world, most campaigns last a few weeks. In the US, it's a different story - here's why.
Trevor Noah defends 'Africa won the World Cup' joke
A French diplomat accuses Daily Show comedian Trevor Noah of denying the players' "Frenchness".
'Stupid statements' - Trump WW3 jibe stuns Montenegro
The US president's remarks on a new Nato member shock people in the Balkan republic.
'Abolish ICE': Could US migrant detention force be broken up?
Protesters are questioning the agency's role in enforcing President Trump's zero-tolerance policy.
Alabama employee gets new car from boss after 20-mile walk
The employee's car broke down before his first day of work, so he walked through the night.
My life trapped in an American city
An undocumented Mexican student shares the impact that checkpoints in Texas have on her daily life.
Celebrating the life of the boy who wrote his own obituary
'See ya later, suckas!' - terminally-ill Garrett, five, says goodbye before a 'celebration of his life'.
Sacha Baron Cohen: More criticism and mixed reviews for star's new show
Who is America? is described as "urgently resonant" by one reviewer and "toothless" by another.
Comcast backs down in fight for 21st Century Fox
The US media giant will concentrate on its Sky bid as Disney takes pole position for 21st Century Fox.
China 'shocked' by US actions in trade dispute
Beijing describes Washington's latest tariff threat on $200bn of imports as "totally unacceptable".
China and Russia hit back at Trump tariffs
China files a WTO complaint and Russia imposes tariffs in retaliation for US measures.
'I wish Trump had stood up to Putin' - US voters react to summit
Voters in Virginia gave their reaction to US president Donald Trump's comments after his summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.
Missouri tourist boat capsizes in storm
Seventeen people have died after a storm caused a tourist boat to capsize in Table Rock Lake, Missouri.
Spy chief reacts to Putin visit: 'That's going to be special'
US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats reacts to Vladimir Putin's White House invite.
Trump: I hold Putin responsible over election meddling
Donald Trump says he considers President Putin responsible for any Russian interference in US elections.
Oregon wildfire causes death and evacuations
The fast moving fire has been burning since Tuesday and has spread over 45,000-acres.
Drone footage of California cliff crash released
Drone footage has been released showing the site of a car crash in California where a woman survived alone for seven days.
Trump says he 'misspoke' at Putin summit
The US president was in the dark about why he faced a backlash - but can changing one word fix that?
Cyclist falls into drawbridge gap
Newly released footage shows the woman going through barriers before the incident in Wisconsin.
Barack Obama: 'You have to believe in facts'
Ex-US President Barack Obama delivered the line in a speech to commemorate Nelson Mandela's birth.
The moment flying lava struck a tour boat in Hawaii
A lava "bomb" from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano hits a tour boat, injuring 23 people.
Helsinki summit: The ways Trump and Putin see eye to eye
From collusion and meddling to wanting US-Russia relations reset, the leaders were on the same page.