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Florida school shooting: Students to march on Washington
Young survivors of Wednesday's school massacre demand it be a "turning point" on gun control.
Trump Jr 'dinner chat' offer criticised
A newspaper advertisement offers property buyers conversation and a meal with Donald Trump Jr.
Terracotta theft: Chinese anger over stolen warrior thumb
A US man took a selfie with the 2,000-year-old terracotta warrior statue before stealing its thumb.
Justin Trudeau in India: Is the Canadian PM being cold-shouldered?
The normally attention-grabbing Canadian prime minister's visit has been unusually low key so far.
Christian Coleman breaks 20-year-old 60m indoor world record
American Christian Coleman breaks the 60m indoor world record, clocking 6.34 seconds at the US Indoor Championships in New Mexico.
How US skier paid tribute to late brother
"Team Lillis" hoped to one day watch all three brothers, Jonathon, 23, Chris, 19, and Mikey, 17, compete in the Olympic ariels competition.
Florida school shooting: Trump links FBI's missteps to Russia investigation
The US president says the agency is "spending too much time trying to prove" Russia-Trump ties.
Russia-Trump inquiry: Russian foreign minister dismisses FBI charges
The Russian foreign minister reacts a day after the US indicted 13 Russians over election meddling.
Mitt Romney launches Utah Senate campaign with dig at Trump
The ex-presidential nominee laments Washington is sending "a message of exclusion" to immigrants.
US Veterans Affairs official steps down amid travel scandal
The aide to the US Veterans chief resigns after allegations she doctored emails.
White House refuses to release photo of Trump gun law repeal
Despite repeated media requests, the image of Mr Trump revoking a gun control law stays under wraps.
How a US grandmother foiled an alleged school shooting plot
When a US grandmother found her grandson's troubling journal entries, she called the police.
Transgender woman breastfeeds baby in first recorded case, study says
She was able to produce enough milk to be the baby's only food source for the first six weeks, a study says.
Toronto fire fighter who went missing in NY found in California
Police say Danny Filippidis can't remember much about how he went from a ski hill to Sacramento.
Chippendales: Do male strippers feel objectified?
Chippendales dance captain discusses groping, objectification and the enjoyment of stripping.
In Florida aftermath, US students say 'Never Again'
Movements run by school students are spreading rapidly online in wake of the Florida attack.
The mystery of Toronto's gay village killings
Toronto’s LGBT community grieves after one of their own is charged with targeting and killing gay men.
Florida school shooting: A killer comes to 'paradise'
Students re-live Wednesday's shooting in Florida - and demand tougher gun laws from their government.
Nikolas Cruz: Depressed loner 'crazy about guns'
Students at the school described Nikolas Cruz, 19, as an "outcast" known for making threats.
Florida shooting: Senators singled out over gun lobby funds
Politicians sending condolences to Florida victims criticised by screenwriter Bess Kalb.
Kansas rallies behind detained professor
Bangladesh-born chemistry professor came to the US in 1987 but may now have to leave due to visa issues.
How to become a professional wrestler
In a blue-collar New Jersey town, young men and women dream of becoming the next wrestling superstar.
Anger at Google image search 'peace deal'
The search giant will remove features from its image search to appease Getty Images.
US rejects China-led bid for Chicago Stock Exchange
Regulator's decision is the latest rejection of a Chinese firm's attempt to do business in the US.
Google Chrome launches default ad-blocker
The latest versions of the web browser will block "annoying intrusive" ads from today.
Sandy Hook Senator: 'This happens nowhere else'
US Senator Chris Murphy called for action to be taken to prevent shootings shortly after the Florida school attack on Thursday.
Florida students to lawmakers: 'Shame on you'
Students have been addressing a rally after the February 14 shooting in which 17 people died.
Woman challenges definition of 'feminine' on says it will review its entry after Kaya Day complained about the word's "comical" synonyms.
Florida survivors on gun laws: 'Something has to change'
Survivors and family members call for change to gun laws in the aftermath of a Florida school shooting.
Russians conducted 'information warfare' on US election
US Deputy Attorney General says Russians began interfering with the US election process as early as 2014.
The surreal junkyard of decaying vintage cars
In the state of Georgia, in the US, Dean Lewis runs a junkyard full of decaying vintage cars
Female driver leads LA police on a high-speed chase
A reporter in a helicopter was able to capture - and commentate on - the high-speed pursuit.
Florida shooting: Chicago Cubs' Anthony Rizzo speaks at vigil
Chicago Cubs' Anthony Rizzo delivers an emotional speech at a candlelight vigil for his alma mater.
Florida school shooting: Thousands mourn at vigil
Fred Guttenberg's daughter Jaime was killed in the Florida shooting, he paid tribute to her at a vigil.
Florida shooting: Gunman opens fire in a classroom
A student captures the horrifying moment Nikolas Cruz began shooting in a Florida classroom.
Florida shooting: Trump warns against inaction
But the president offers no specific ways to make schools safer - and doesn't mentions guns at all.