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GCSE pass levels causing confusion over university entry
There are warnings of confusion over university admissions as changes to GCSEs create two different pass grades.
'Less homophobic bullying' in Britain's schools
Bullying against gay pupils has reduced, a study suggests, but many still face victimisation.
New York governor says progress in Hungary university talks
The symbolic dispute over a threatened Budapest university has moved to talks in New York.
Wales teacher recruitment levels 'bordering on crisis'
The target for trainee teacher intake in secondary schools and for PGCEs has been missed, figures show.
Schools go green to support Grenfell fire victims
Pupils in schools across England go green to show their support for the Grenfell fire victims.
Warnings on exclusion levels in Norfolk
Norfolk County Council said 290 pupils were excluded in 2015-16.
Pisa test scores 'risk' to Wales economy warning
Investors will judge Wales on global education results, ex-advisor to government warns.
Heads worried tuition fee pledge for teachers to be dropped
Will the promise of tuition fee relief for teachers be the next education policy to be scrapped?
Leading universities rated 'bronze' under new ranking system
Universities are now ranked bronze, silver or gold for their standard of undergraduate teaching.
Number of families made homeless rises by 17%
Official figures reveal the number of people made homeless in the past year is up a fifth on five years ago.
Boys at Exeter academy wear skirts in uniform protest
They wanted to wear shorts, but were told that breached their school's uniform policy.
Magna Academy seeks disciplinarian to lead 'behaviour correction unit'
Director of Isolations and Detentions must show "tough love" in school's "behaviour correction unit".
Queen's Speech: Grammar school expansion abandoned
Grammar schools and scrapping free meals for infants disappear from the government's education plans.
Heads warn parents of 'cash-starved schools'
Head teachers are sending letters to two million families in England warning of a funding crisis.
US gun laws: Colorado to arm teachers in classrooms
Staff undergo training as "armed first responders" in the US state in order to protect children.
Early years places 'must reach poorest'
Pre-school classes have long-term benefits, but they need to reach the poorest, says the OECD.
Call to boost children's writing for pleasure
Children who write for pleasure are more likely to be working at above the expected level for their age, a study suggests.
£1.3m to expand school computer coding clubs in Wales
The money is part of a £100m fund to raise school standards across Wales.
How a smack of jellyfish helped win a £5,000 book prize
An army of caterpillars and a troop of monkeys also help US children's illustrator Lane Smith win a top book award.
Must-see movies: E.T. and Paddington on list of films to see before you're 11
A list of films that children should see before they grow up is released, including Toy Story and Frozen.
Best-selling author Andy McNab appointed CBE for literacy work
Bravo Two Zero author honoured for his charity work encouraging adults to read.
Could XPrize tablets replace teachers in Tanzania?
Teams around the world are competing to develop tablet software to replace a teacher in developing countries.
Grenfell Tower: Pupils share 'happy memories' of lost friends
Avondale Park Primary School pupils share happy memories of friends lost in the Grenfell Tower fire.
London fire: Survivor sits GCSE day after tower disaster
Ines, 16, and her father Miguel on how they've carried on with their lives after the fire.
Can a mile a day improve your health?
Come rain or shine these pupils from Lancashire run a daily mile, and doctors say it's making a difference to their school work and health.
'Trump' children's word of the year
Donald Trump is firing children's imaginations, judging by stories entered for the 500 Words contest.
Term 'genius' alienates women, says Cambridge lecturer
Terms like "brilliant", "genius" and "flair" should be avoided as they can alienate female students.
Historic violin lent by Oxford University to Syrian refugee
A violin is taken out of an Oxford University museum collection and lent to a young Syrian refugee.
UN warns 'no progress' on 260 million missing school places
Despite international pledges, many of the world's poorest children do not get a chance to go to school.
How would Teach First work in Afghanistan?
Top graduates in Afghanistan are being urged to spend two years as school teachers.
'Near full-scale riot'
A former teacher reveals what it was like to work at a school given Ofsted's lowest rating.
Rookie research
Schoolchildren as young as eight are doing cutting edge research alongside university lecturers.
Comedy of errors
Students vent their anger on social media after exam board error
Talking terrorism
What is the best approach for parents when the news is frightening?
Shifting tongues
John Kerry joked about Americans learning Russian, but global politics do influence languages studied.
Hip help
How one man used hip-hop to help his son study for his physics exam.
School choice
If the US moves towards a voucher system, what does the OECD say about the possible consequences?