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Fighting school holiday hunger in Birkenhead
How one town is filling the gap when free school meals are off the menu.
Thousands of top university places still up for grabs
Tens of thousands of degree places still available, even in medicine, which are usually at a premium.
'Trojan Horse' hearings against teachers and governor cost £1.27m
Banned governor Tahir Alam says the cases were a "total waste of public money".
A-level results 2018: Teenagers achieve rise in top grades
A-level results show a rise in top grades, as a record proportion of 18-year-olds head to university.
A-level results 2018: What was new about this year's exams?
Thousands of teenagers are getting their A and AS-level results, but what have the recent changes been?
A-level results: Why clearing is 'not the end of the world'
What are the immediate options if your A-level grades aren't what you were expecting?
NYU offers free tuition for all its medical students
The New York medical school will fund all students, due to fears of graduates' "overwhelming" debt.
The three-year-old with an IQ of 171
Natalie and Ben's daughter Ophelia joined Mensa at only three years old.
Debate over Scotland's schools enters new term
As Scotland's children head back to school this week, the debate over education intensifies.
School exclusion of autistic boy unlawful, judge rules
The exclusion of an autistic boy after he hit a teaching assistant with a ruler, punched her and pulled her hair, was 'unlawful'.
Going plastic-free with kids
Reducing your dependence on plastics can be daunting, especially if you've got a young family.
Oxford college employed sex abuse monk for 12 years
Fr Bernard Green sexually assaulted a boy in 1995 and was banned from working with young people.
University unconditional offers 'undermine education'
Will offering too many university places which don't depend on A-level grades drive down standards?
The memory bear made from a father's clothes
Memory items such as teddy bears are being made to help families grieve for loved ones
The woman who created 'Tinder for lonely mums'
As the first of her friends to become a mum, Michelle Kennedy didn't have a network of other mothers to share her experiences with.
Musician Stormzy on why he's funding university scholarships
The musician says he'll fund two black British students to go to the University of Cambridge.
The three-year-old with an IQ of 171
Ophelia's parents say they it is difficult to keep up with her will to learn.
Bangladesh teenagers demanding road safety paralyse Dhaka
The protesters are demanding improved road safety after a boy and a girl were killed by a bus.
School where refugees are the teachers
An online school wants to make better use of the language skills of refugees and to help them integrate.
Making a drama out of a TB crisis
With low levels of literacy, Papua New Guinea has been using drama to deliver health messages about stopping tuberculosis.
Jenson Button takes brakes off engineering
A student racing car competition wants to tackle a global shortage of recruits into engineering.
K-pop drives boom in Korean language
The popularity of K-pop is driving a global boom in learning the Korean language.
Putting death on the school timetable
Doctors in Australia want the school curriculum to get young people talking about the ethical issues around death and dying.
London's Great Stink
Temperatures hit the 30s and there were no proper drains, bringing flies, disease and panic.
Wellbeing in your 20s
A study on wellbeing finds 20-somethings feel more distant from friends and family.
'We're with my disabled brother round the clock'
A charity highlights how young carers spend their summer holidays rather differently.
Giving your child away
Jewish parents in the Netherlands under the Nazis rescued their children by handing them to strangers.
'I thought my summer job was a punishment'
Your stories and experiences of summer jobs.
A good fit?
A divorce lawyer to the stars says couples should ask 10 "critical" questions before a relationship.
Holiday childcare
Entertaining kids during the holidays is expensive, but some have found innovative ways to cut the cost.
Home alone
As the long holidays start, children's charity NSPCC urges parents and carers not to leave young children home alone.
'My sister has my child'
British parents pay an average of £133.34 a week for full-time holiday childcare for one child, a survey finds.
Global challenges
Businesses and researchers are brought together by Prince Charles to tackle global challenges.
'Lively and enthusiastic'
"Enthusiastic when working in a group" - or does that really mean "a proper bossy boots"?
Visual history
Artists and historians make sure the imagery of May's Irish abortion referendum is preserved.
'Everyone supports me'
Parents and pupils benefit from innovation for which school wins national award.
Graduation fail
People have been sharing their experiences of having their names mispronounced.
School closes after 100 years
A bittersweet farewell to a school that was the "hub and heart" of a small County Down community.
Teens on 9-1 GCSEs: 'Everyone's worried about grade boundaries'
How have teenagers coped with taking the new 9-1 GCSE exams this summer?
The softer stimulant?
As Lord Hague calls for a change in the law on cannabis, young people claim it is often seen as a "softer" stimulant.
Saint's bone returned
Waste company presents bone, said to be of a Pope executed 2,000 years ago, to Westminster Cathedral.
Hail Mary
What's it like to be a public intellectual in age of echo chamber social media and fake news?
Children with poor literacy skills struggle most to tell which stories are false, says a report.
Scary and overcrowded
More must be done to stop children being housed in bed and breakfasts and temporary accommodation, says a report.
Degree pay premium
Find out which courses and which universities can boost earnings after graduation.
Football and university
A football club signs up a university as a shirt sponsor - to help them both reach the people they otherwise could not reach.
'Miss! Are your classes making me blind?'
Why spending more time in school and university could be damaging our eyes.
Streaming at five set me up to fail, says deputy head
Deputy head Sean Macnamara says his own experiences convinced him streaming is a bad idea.
Twins in school: To separate or not to separate?
Some mothers want their twins kept together, some prefer separate classes and others say "they'll find their own way regardless".