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Tom Hanks says no way back for Harvey Weinstein
The Hollywood star says the revelations about Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct is a 'watershed moment'.
Channing Tatum pulls Harvey Weinstein abuse film
The actor says he will never again work with the company, which has now fired disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.
Katy Perry gets stuck in mid-air during Tennessee concert
The pop star is left dangling above fans when a floating platform malfunctions during her concert.
Penny Lancaster says she was sexually assaulted
The model and wife of Rod Stewart says her attacker was someone she worked with as a teenager.
Pussycat Dolls deny prostitution claims
The pop band respond to former member Kaya Jones, who claims the group was a "prostitution ring".
Philip Pullman's return 'a stunning achievement'
Critics greet the author's return to the world of His Dark Materials with eager delight.
How common are nude casting calls?
A casting director says Jennifer Lawrence's experience is not representative of the acting industry.
Harvey Weinstein stripped of British Film Institute Fellowship
Weinstein faces a string of sexual assault and harassment allegations, which he denies.
Sir Tom Jones: Abuse is common in music industry too
The singer tells the BBC an encounter early in his career made him feel "terrible".
Liam Gallagher: 'I buy bananas like a rock star'
Liam Gallagher makes an odd banana confession plus other gems from the red carpet.
Michelle Williams was suicidal in Destiny's Child
The singer says she "went to that place that's so dark and heavy" when she was in Destiny's Child.
Blac Chyna sues the Kardashian family
Reality star claims assault and that Kardashians want to destroy her
Actress Tippi Hedren talks about being sexually harassed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Tippi Hedren on being sexually harassed in the 1960's by Alfred Hitchcock.
Tom Hanks: The film industry will have to change
Tom Hanks talks to the BBC about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, saying there will now be a "sea change" in Hollywood.
Armando Iannucci talks Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker
The state of politics means there is no need for The Thick of It, and it would be "beyond sitcom territory" to produce Veep currently, says Armando Iannucci.
Kit Harington, Game of Thrones and the Gunpowder Plot
Kit Harington on why Game of Thrones is so great, and his special connection to the Gunpowder Plot.
Sir Tom: Jones: Encounter ‘made me feel terrible’
Sir Tom Jones says he 'felt terrible' after being propositioned early in his career.
Opera's Nicholas Sales sings Verdi in a Barnsley accent as a new Yorkshire opera opens
As a new opera, specifically written for the Yorkshire accent, opens, we set singer Nicholas Sales the challenge of giving Verdi a Barnsley makeover.
Ed Sheeran wants 'to get back from injuries' which have stopped him playing live
Injured Ed Sheeran tells Newsbeat he wants to get back to playing live after a bike accident.
Carrie Fisher sent a cow's tongue to a preying producer
The Star Wars actress gave a cow tongue in a Tiffany box to teach the Hollywood producer a lesson.
Kwame Kwei-Armah: New Young Vic boss promises 'funky' future
The actor and new boss of the Young Vic theatre is excited for the venue's future.
Have the Manic Street Preachers made their final album?
Nicky Wire says "it's hard to see" the Manic Street Preachers releasing another album.
Philip Pullman: Rules of writing from man behind His Dark Materials
The author gives his tricks of the trade to the BBC ahead of the publication of La Belle Sauvage.
Meet the missing man of country music
Daniel Antopolsky fled the country scene in the 1970s - but now he's been found on a French farm.
The artist making 'new' Andy Warhol paintings
Paul Stephenson has used exactly the same methods and materials - so can they be called Warhols?
Mark Kermode: Was Blade Runner 2049 really a flop?
A raft of stories have suggested that Blade Runner 2049 failed at the box office. What's going on?
What Sean Hughes wanted to happen after his death
The comic, who died on Monday, wrote a poignant poem about his own death back in the 1990s.
What did people make of the Liar finale?
Viewers divided over ending of ITV series. Was the punishment fitting for the crime?