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Elon Musk renames his BFR spacecraft Starship
The entrepreneur would not reveal why he had renamed the craft, which has still not yet been built.
Tumblr removed from Apple app store over abuse images
The app was removed from Apple's store after images showing child sexual abuse were discovered.
Bitcoin falls below $5,000
The fall brings the total value of all Bitcoin in existence to below $87bn.
Google helps boost High Street spending with search
Technology showing inventory for local shops will go live on Google search over next 12 months.
Blackout for thousands of dark web pages
Hackers have deleted more than 6,500 sites being held on a popular Dark Web server.
Instagram targets fake likes and comments
The photo-sharing service say it will warn those using popularity-boosting services before taking action.
Airbnb removes Israeli West Bank settlement listings
The US firm says it will take home rentals in Israeli settlements on occupied land off its website.
Spyro's missing subtitles anger gamers
Deaf gamers have urged developers to patch the magic dragon and add subtitles to the Spyro games.
Vision Direct hack puts customers' money at risk
Contact lens retailer says more than 16,000 customers' were at risk of data theft.
Google halts glucose-sensing contact lens project
The contact lens was designed to help people with diabetes monitor their glucose levels
TalkTalk hack attack: Friends jailed for cyber crimes
Matthew Hanley, 23, and Connor Allsopp, 21, accessed customers' information during the cyber attack.
Parents struggle to handle children's tech habits
Curbing excessive gadget use among children is hard, say parents asked for survey.
My journey from British army to cyber-security expert
How British veterans are using their military skills to retrain as IT security experts.
The clock that cost its inventor millions
Thomas Bromley failed to renew the patent on his digital clock, and missed out on a fortune.
Firms 'likely to miss UK smart meter deadline'
Which? says suppliers would have to triple their installation rate to reach the 2020 deadline.
Sony won't be attending E3 next year
For the first time in 24 years, Sony won't be at the huge gaming convention in 2019.
Award for wartime flight trainer returned to service
Tens of thousands of pilots trained in a tiny, mechanical flight simulator which has been restored.
Robot backpack: How this Fusion bot aids collaboration
The Fusion bot shares and teaches skills by transferring body motions from one person to another.
Video game recreates horrors of World War One
Actor Elijah Wood voices a main character in the first video game made by Aardman Animations.
Are hydrogen trains the future of UK travel?
Trains that emit pure water could be in the UK by the "early 2020s", according to the government.
Mitsubishi windows shine 'alarmingly realistic' fake sunlight
Mitsubishi has developed a new indoor lighting system that mimics blue skies, sunrises and sunsets.
Dalby Forest sleeping mouse leaves visitors shut out
Staff at Dalby Forest in the North York Moors wondered why an electric barrier was playing up.
'How Instagram became my support system'
For women facing challenges ranging from eating disorders to IVF, it can be a vital resource.
Would you buy a handbag from Plada or Loius Vuitton?
From fake shops to copycat products, firms around the world are losing billions to copyright theft.
'How Amazon helped me transition to a woman'
Sophie Roberts is a software developer at the tech giant who came out at work in October.
Streaming wars: Can Disney topple Netflix?
Netflix is the leader in online video. Will Disney's plans check its growth?
How 'miniature suns' could provide cheap, clean energy
Is much-heralded nuclear fusion finally ready to fulfil its promise of abundant energy for all?
Can listening to bees help save them - and us?
Scientists hope artificial intelligence will gives us more insights into bee health and behaviour.
How the humble lamp-post could help power our cities
As more of half of us live in cities, scientists are looking at new ways of harnessing urban energy.
Could these balls help reduce plastic pollution?
Microplastics have swamped our ecosystem. Can tech help prevent them entering our water systems?
How can we stop being cyber idiots?
Good computer security means working around one big security flaw - us.
Should Fortnite credit dances used in the game?
Epic Games has been criticised for not crediting the originators of dance moves depicted in Fortnite.
Chelsea Pensioners' verdict on WW1 VR experience
Nothing to be Written is a VR experience about field postcards sent home by soldiers during WW1.
Can artificial intelligence predict the future of fashion?
Using artificial intelligence to spot future fashion trends could also help reduce clothing waste.
Could these bots one day swarm in to rescue you?
The DelFly is a flying robot inspired by how insects achieve flight.
Robot delivers the post and other technology news
BBC Click’s Lara Lewington looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Imams divided over video game fatwa
Some imams in Kurdistan have officially banned a hugely popular video game – but others are hitting back.
Tech to give new insight into gorillas and other news
BBC Click’s Nick Kwek looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
How MiSafes watches can be hacked
Security experts have found serious security flaws in MiSafes watches for children.
Will superfast 5G mobile be worth it?
Superfast 5G mobile promises lots of benefits, but will it be worth the money?
BBC newsreader 'speaks' languages he can’t
Artificial intelligence creates a computer generated video which manipulates the newsreader’s mouth.
The face-mapping technology raising fears about fake news
Why face-mapping technology designed to improve TV dubbing is raising fears about fake news.
Online security and privacy: What an email address reveals
A think tank researcher explains how political campaigners can use information gleaned from an online search.
'Tinkering' children make robots, planes and catapults
Primary pupils in Manchester take on design projects to boost creativity and problem solving skills.