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US mugshot website owners face criminal charges
The site published images of people taken by police after arrest and asked for cash to remove them.
Smart luggage firms close because of airline battery rules
Two firms have closed this month, citing changes in airline policies on carrying batteries.
Cambridge Analytica starts bankruptcy proceedings in US
The firm at the centre of the Facebook data row has filed legal papers that will see it wound up.
Broadband speeds 'far slower than in ads'
The findings from Which? come ahead of a major overhaul in how providers can advertise broadband speeds.
Airbnb to report homeowners' income to Danish tax authorities
The rental site will report homeowners' income to the Danish tax authorities in the first deal of its kind.
PayPal acquires Swedish payments firm iZettle
The move will boost PayPal's in-store presence as competition in the digital payments sector grow.
How VR could bring Glastonbury into your living room
Concerts in your living room and other ways tech is changing music.
China car app Didi updates safety measures after murder
The country's equivalent of Uber is overhauling a service following the murder of a female passenger
Ocado shares rise 44% on news of Kroger tech deal
The online grocer has signed a deal to supply its technology to US retail giant Kroger.
YouTube unveils new music streaming service
The new app will combine millions of official songs with all the music already on YouTube.
NHS cyber-hero 'discussed bank hack role'
Marcus Hutchins is trying to suppress a phone call transcript in which malware code was mentioned.
Facebook privacy: MEPs to press Zuckerberg
Facebook's chief will attend a closed door meeting with European Parliament leaders in Brussels.
UK 'leading world' in compassionate technology
A report shows the UK tech sector is growing much faster than the rest of the economy.
Robert Downey Jr plans YouTube series on AI
The Iron Man actor will co-produce the eight-part series with his wife, producer Susan Downey.
Watch ban imposed at GCSE and A-level exams
The move is designed to prevent cheating via smartwatches designed to look like standard timepieces.
Vault 7 inquiry: CIA data leak suspect named by media
Joshua Schulte is suspected of leaking secret documents but instead faces charges over abuse images.
IS propaganda 'hidden on Internet Archive'
A study indicates the web-preservation service is being used to keep extremist posts online.
The robot helping to deliver water in rural India
The customised robot is part of a study looking at how technology can help those in rural areas.
Shark-spotting drones help keep swimmers safe
The drones sound an on-board siren to warn swimmers when spotting a nearby shark.
Meet the robots that can pick and plant better than we can
Farmers are turning to robots to plant seedlings and pick produce because of human worker shortages.
God of War: Giving gaming new emotions
The team behind God of War tell Newsbeat the gaming industry is maturing to tackle more complex emotions than ever before.
'Laurel' or 'Yanny'? People can't decide
A widely-shared audio 'illusion' has divided the internet into two camps: the Yannies and the Laurels.
Pakistan activists targeted in Facebook attacks
A human rights activist says Pakistan targeted her with repeated malware attacks to try to spy on her.
Expensive remittances
New apps are bringing a greater range of services and features to the vital flows of money to families around the world
Synth suspense
Gemma Chan and Emily Berrington on the return of Channel 4's Humans.
Wheelie good
Dockless bike tech has massively boosted bike-sharing. Is it the future of two-wheeled transport?
Bad ads
Digital advertising funds the internet but the industry is in crisis, many observers believe.
What is GDPR?
A new EU law that changes how companies use our personal information kicks in on 25 May.
Sea giants do battle
As demand for natural gas continues to surge, huge extraction vessels are about to go into action.
Drones deliver blood and medical supplies in Rwanda
Doctors in Rwanda are able to order blood supplies by text and then have them delivered by drone.
The helmet which gives firefighters 'X-ray vision'
The C-Thru lens uses augmented reality to improve firefighters’ sight in poor visibility.
Google's 3D scans aim to preserve historical sites
High resolution 3D scans of more than 25 historical sites from around the world are being released.
What does the future hold for humanoid robots?
Machines that can fully mimic natural body movements are still a long way off, says Will Jackson.
Robot helps patients put on hospital gown and other news
BBC Click's Emily Bates looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
Xbox Adaptive Controller a 'first' for disabled gamers
Newsbeat's been given exclusive access to Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller, a 'first' for disabled gamers.
Smart SoPhy socks send data to your physiotherapist
The socks have three sensors reading weight distribution, movement and orientation of the foot.
Can AI pick the perfect fantasy football team?
Squadguru uses algorithms to pick a fantasy football team.
Self-driving pods for the Lake District and other news
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
The autonomous car that can drive where others cannot
Researchers at MIT CSAIL have developed an autonomous car that can drive on unpaved or unmarked roads.
Are intelligent robots better at our jobs?
Will Gompertz explores how clever artificial intelligence robots actually are.
Google Assistant calls to make bookings
Google has shown off a future feature of its voice assistant - the ability to make an appointment by phone for you.