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Trump attacks Michael Cohen over 'Playboy model payment tape'
It comes amid reports that he was secretly recorded discussing payments to an ex-Playboy model.
Nine US 'duck boat' victims from the same family - governor
Seventeen people were killed when an amphibious "duck boat" carrying tourists sank in stormy weather.
Japan heatwave: Warnings issued amid scorching temperatures
Scorching temperatures have killed 30 people in two weeks, prompting officials to issue warnings.
Macron aide Benalla: French police quizzed over assault video
Officers are suspected of leaking footage in a bid to help a presidential aide accused of assault.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer to get TV reboot
The cult show is coming back and the original series creator is already on board.
Testy exchange between US Republican and teen
A Pennsylvania candidate for governor calls an 18-year-old "naive" for asking about climate change.
Ohio death row inmate spared after childhood abuse revelations
New evidence detailed how Raymond Tibbetts had been burned, thrown down stairs and beaten as a child.
Pablo Casado: Spain's conservative Popular Party elects new leader
Pablo Casado replaces ex-PM Mariano Rajoy who was ousted in a no-confidence vote last month.
The celebrities 'banned' from the prime minister's party
What an annotated guest list for a party at Number 10 reveals about Denis Thatcher.
Sri Lanka's Galle cricket stadium risks being demolished
The famously picturesque ground, in southern Sri Lanka, is next to a World Heritage-listed fort.
Toblerone: Bar to revert to original shape
Makers scrap the 150g bar, likened to a bike rack, in favour of a heavier one in its traditional shape.
Sir Tom Jones 'determined' to return to performing
The Welsh singer called off four shows this week as he is in hospital with a "bacterial infection".
Mass gathering of golden retrievers
The dogs and their owners gathered at the Highlands estate where the breed was first founded 150 years ago.
The 600 greyhounds left behind in Macau
Macau’s controversial greyhound racetrack, the Canidrome Club, is shutting down.
Giant moon artwork goes missing in post on way to Austria
Created by artist Luke Jerram, the giant orb artwork was on its way to a festival.
Wing-walking at the Farnborough Airshow
Three women who do gymnastics on a plane explain the challenges of performing at height.
Being a journalist in Sudan: I face mockery, rejection and harassment
A Sudanese photojournalist says she faces mockery and verbal harassment for working in the country as a woman.
What is the sex 'superbug' STD MGen?
What do you need to know about mycoplasma genitalium, the emerging sexually transmitted "superbug"?
Thai artists' huge mural of cave rescue heroes
The artwork prominently features diver Saman Gunan, who died taking part in the rescue operation.
Meet the rat killers of New York City
New York is the second most rat-infested US city and one group has taken matters into its own hands.
Lebanese farmer: Growing cannabis should be legal
Lebanon is considering legalising cannabis. A farmer explains why this could "benefit everyone".
Missouri tourist boat capsizes in storm
Seventeen people have died after a storm caused a tourist boat to capsize in Table Rock Lake, Missouri.
'Macron's aide' attacks protesters
Eyewitness account of a man later identified as Alexandre Benalla attacking May Day protesters.
Mirjana Kika Milosevic: Make-up to turn herself invisible
Mirjana Kika Milosevic's had over 56 million YouTube views painting herself in different optical illusions.
Wanted: Inspiring name for Europe's 2020 Mars rover
What should we call a six-wheeled robot going to the Red Planet to look for signs of life?
'The screeching drill, the burnt flesh - my dental nightmare'
Eight years of dental pain and soaring bills set Natalia Guerrero thinking about the millions who need treatment but cannot pay for it.
Who's had a week to forget, and a week to remember?
Why two billionaires, one keen new employee and a small European country had a memorable week.
Tour de France: How to cycle as fast as a pro
The professional cyclists tackling the Tour de France seem superhuman. But can ordinary riders learn a few lessons?
Russia World Cup: How Pussy Riot managed to burst into final
A jailed Pussy Riot activist describes how he and others got onto the pitch in police uniform.
Brexit: What would a 'no deal' look like?
Both the UK and EU are becoming increasingly vocal about the need to prepare for no Brexit deal.
Last survivor: The story of the 'world's loneliest man'
New images shine light on the so-called 'loneliest man in the world', who lives in the Amazon.
The cost of Trump's Endangered Species Act proposal
The Trump administration wants to weaken the landmark protection law. What species are under threat?
Pakistan election: Imran Khan scents victory
The former cricketer tells the BBC his opponents will "lose because of their track record in power".
The transgender acid attack survivor running for parliament
Nayyab Ali is one of four transgender women standing in Pakistan's general elections on 25 July.
9 stars who turned down great film roles
Emma Watson, Will Smith and seven other actors who passed on now-iconic movie roles.
Richarlison: Everton close to agreeing deal worth up to £50m for Watford forward
Everton are close to signing Watford's Brazilian forward Richarlison in a deal that could eventually be worth £50m.
Amazon Alexa: is it friends with your kids?
Debate is raging over whether smart speakers are suitable for children.
Celebrating the life of the boy who wrote his own obituary
'See ya later, suckas!' - terminally-ill Garrett, five, says goodbye before a 'celebration of his life'.
Life before Google: What was it like?
This is how people did their jobs before having all the answers at the tips of their fingers.
Mumbai slum gets colourful makeover
More than 50 artists came together to paint 400 houses in the tiny fishing village of Khar Danda.
Rice paddy cartoons celebrate Japanese artist
Rice paddy cartoons are grown to celebrate the 90th anniversary of manga artist Osamu Tezuka